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Sand Springs Periodontal Therapy Service

Sand Springs Periodontal Therapy Service

At Dentistry For You Dental, our team is dedicated to your gum health. Our team specializes in periodontal therapy to keep our patient’s gums healthy. Our periodontal treatment includes:

  • Traditional cleanings
  • Advanced gum disease testing
  • Treatment for gums dealing with disease or severe bleeding & swelling
  • Gum disease treatment without surgery
  • Treatment for progressive gum disease
  • Gum health maintenance
  • Periodontal maintenance for implants, etc.
  • Education on how to keep your gums healthy

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Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is not usually hard to spot. Keeping up with your regular dental exams and cleanings is vital so that we can take preventative measures for your gums to avoid further harm. However, if you think you may be struggling with gum disease, then call us today. Some signs of gum disease are below:

  • Gums that are getting smaller over time
  • Bleeding gums
  • Breath that smells bad
  • Black spots
  • Loosening teeth

Occasionally, a patient has a gum disease without these signs accompanying it. Receiving a regular, in-depth periodontal exam from our staff is vital for the health of your gums.


Our goal at Dentistry For You is to provide the best dental service in the Sand Springs area. We offer thorough periodontal exams to ensure that our team identifies problems as early as possible. We offer both preventative care and direct care to ensure the health of your teeth. Your dental health is essential to your overall health, and our goal is to ensure your health, one dental exam at a time. Give us a call for your periodontal exam today!

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