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Glenpool Dentist Near Me Serving Glenpool, OK | Dentistry for You

Glenpool Dentist Near Me Serving Glenpool, OK

Dentistry for You is a Glenpool dentist in Glenpool, OK offering comprehensive and compassionate dental care. Their expertise is in helping you maintain your dental health and providing you with a comfortable dentist appointment. Dentistry for You uses only the latest technology. Dentistry for You believes that all patients are like family. If you’re looking for a Glenpool dentist near me for your dental care needs, contact Dentistry for You today.

Glenpool Dentist Near Me

    • Family Dentistry, Glenpool, OK
    • Same-Day Emergency Dental Care, Glenpool, OK
    • Invisible Braces, Glenpool, OK
    • Metal-Free Dentistry, Glenpool, OK
    • Root Canals, Glenpool, OK
    • Extractions, Glenpool, OK
    • Implants, Glenpool, OK
    • Full or Partial Dentures, Glenpool, OK
    • Porcelain Bridges, Glenpool, OK
    • Sedation Dentistry, Glenpool, OK
    • Gum Contouring, Glenpool, OK
    • Oral Surgery, Glenpool, OK
    • Bone Grafting, Glenpool, OK
    • Oral Appliances, Glenpool, OK
    • Dental Cleaner, Glenpool, OK
    • Dental Crown, Glenpool, OK
    • Cosmetic Dentistry, Glenpool, OK

If you’re in need of a Glenpool dentist near me, contact Dentistry for You today.

Phone Number

(918) 245-0224


325 Washington Ave.
Sand Springs, OK 74063


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Monday: 8AM – 5PM

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Thursday: 8AM – 5PM

Friday: Closed

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